Simple Ways To Resolve The Billing Issues Of Your Attorney

There may be situations where your attorney has charged you more for a case than you expected. You may find that that the bill offered is not clear and it contains extra charges. In these cases, you will need to dispute the billing. You can solve attorney fee issues various ways. One of the most common ways is to seek the help of the court to solve your issue. Click here to find more information on attorney fees. People who are inexperienced in hiring a lawyer are the first to be worried about the high fees, says an article on The points below are some possible ways that you can deal with billing issues.

Talk With Your Lawyer When you come to know that you have been charged more by your attorney, first talk to your attorney and let them know your concerns. Ask them to explain the billing details and the reason for the charges. Check the services offered and the cost of every service. It is important to remember to talk about the billing process or ask for a quotation well ahead before the start of the litigation.

Arbitration You can seek the help of your local bar association who can help you to solve the billing issue with the help of fee arbitration. You can also make use of the fee arbitration program conducted by the state association. It is a program which helps resolve billing issues with an attorney. In this program, you and your lawyer will be called to explain your concerns to an arbitrator who is a third party attorney. You and your attorney can submit relevant documents, and the arbitrator decides if the attorney has charged more or not based on the submitted evidence.

There are two types of arbitration offered by the fee arbitration program. It can be binding or non- binding. Binding arbitration states that you should abide by the decision of the arbitrator. A non-binding arbitration means the decision offered is just a recommendation. Fee arbitration can be availed at low costs with some associations even doing it for free.

Mediator You can contact a mediator to acts as a third party for both parties. This sets up an informal negotiation which can be done before or after the fee arbitration. It is up to you to follow the recommendation of the mediator or to seek further counsel.

Lawsuits In high stakes cases, you can seek the help of a court when you have legal issues related to attorney fees. Your attorney may also file a case against you when you don’t clear his pending bills. Lawsuits are generally more expensive and may take a long time to reach a compromise. You can also hire another lawyer who can talk on your behalf in court.

When you feel that your lawyer is dishonest in billing matters, file a complaint with the state bar association against your attorney. The disciplinary board of the association investigates the case based on the complaint. You may receive compensation from the State Bar association if they find your attorney has cheated you in terms of the attorney fee.