Types Of Claims That You Can Make In A Construction Accident










Construction places attract injuries and accidents like a magnet. Rarely a day goes by at a construction site without a single accident or injury. If you are a construction worker then you will be well versed with the callousness of the managers and other executives of the construction firm. This leads to injuries and accidents for the construction worker. Once a construction worker is caught in an accident, not only does he have to undergo untold pain and suffering, but also he loses his source of income. His family is forced to bear the economic strain caused as a result of the injury.

If you are a construction worker or if you know someone who has been a victim of an accident at the workplace, then you must not hesitate to hire a construction accident attorney. If you are wondering how to locate the best lawyer in your area, the online search engines are the first place you should turn to. For instance, if you are from Chicago, you must search online as construction accident lawyer Chicago to get the list of specialized attorneys in your area. Once you get the results of the search, call up a few lawyers, get quotes and do a thorough research on them. You can then zero in on a lawyer who feels confident and trustworthy to you.

There are several types of claims that you can make at a court of justice depending on the type of injury you have incurred at the construction site. They are:

Personal Injury – In this type of lawsuit, the lawyer argues that his victim suffered due to the negligence of some other person that led to the accident in the first place. Product Liability – If the accident or injury was caused due to a faulty or sub-standard product the lawyer can file a case against any party who was involved in the chain of handling the product. For example, if the victim was injured by a faulty driller that caused him to experience an electric shock, the construction accident lawyer can file a case against any one or all the following persons who were involved in the chain of handling: the manufacturer, the wholesaler, and the retailer. Workers' compensation: All the workers employed by a construction firm are eligible to workers' compensation in case of an accident or an injury at the site. This compensation is covered under the insurance of the firm. This is the reason why most construction workers when injured at the workplace do not file a case against their employer. However at times, there arises a need for the construction workers to prove that the accident or injury occurred at the workplace. In such situations, the lawyer works to prove the location of the accident and to help the worker get his due compensation.

Most construction accident lawyers do not demand fees initially. They agree on a percentage of the compensation the worker receives. Hence this works in favor of the victim as he doesn’t have to pay the lawyer from his pocket. So if you are a victim of a construction accident do not hesitate to contact a lawyer immediately.